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Dr. Adarsh -Time Saving P.G.M.E.E. Home Work Series  Ed/ 2008

Dr. Adarsh -Time Saving P.G.M.E.E. Home Work Series Ed/ 2008[Edition 2008]

Author: Dr. Adarsh, Dr. Anupam

Edition 2008

Time saving because

  • No need to collect & oscillate between different books during study because questions are arranged bookwise
  • No need to vibrate between different pages because questions are arranged serialy pagewise
  • So quite obvious which page is how much important

Smooth study without headache because

All necessary material for concerning questions available on that

 page so ‘’No confusion & total knowledge’’

Questions from various P.G.M.E.E Exams about 20 years including up to latest papers of all india & AIIMS

The new era of knowledge due to smooth study & time saving

Analysis of Harrison in the context of P.G.M.E. Exams.

  • M.C.Q are asked from only about 1311 pages of Harrison out of Total 2754 pages.
  • M.C.Q  belong only from 338 chapters out of 392 chapters.
  • Pages which have more than 15 questions 554, 1383, 1385, 1588.
  • Pages which have more than 10 questions- 274, 290, 1284, 1711, 2124, 2125, 2535, 2585.
  • Pages which have 5-10 questions total (139) pages- please see inside of the book.
  • Rest of pages total (1160) have 5 or < 5 questions.
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