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Bhardwaj-Pulmonary Tuberculosis  Ed/ 2006

Bhardwaj-Pulmonary Tuberculosis Ed/ 2006[Edition 2006]

Author: R.S. Bhatia, B.L. Bhardwaj

Edition 2006

Tuberculosis is a global health problem. Its incidence is rapidly rising. Tremendous research both in basic and applied fields to contain the disease as well as prevent further transmission of infection, is being carried out all over the world. The effective preventive strategies like chemo and  immunoprohylaxis are important, so is the comprehensive programme to treat and curve infectious cases at an early stage: because it will help in preventing further transmission of the disease to non-infected population.

A brief presentation of tuberculosis including the micro organism, the host, the disease, drugs in it’s management, the prevention and the control programme is being presented, for all those who are actively involved and determined to defeat the age old problem.

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