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Chaurasia- Human Anatomy Head- Neck Brain Ed/7th Vol-3-4

Chaurasia- Human Anatomy Head- Neck Brain Ed/7th Vol-3-4[Edition 7th]

Author: Krishna Garg

Edition 7th 

Salient features of the three volumes

  • Profusely illustrated to enhance the clinical importance of osteology
  • Steps of dissection clearly delineated to enhance practical aspects: figures on dissection have been redrawn to impart both theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students
  • The attachments, nerve supply and actions of the muscles are shown in boxes. Testing of a group of muscles is shown with the help of diagrams
  • The text is supplemented with a number of easily reproducible colour diagrams providing a photogenic memory to the reader
  • To complete the various facets of anatomy, histology and development of various organs have been added.  Some radiographs, ultrasound scans and CT Scans have been added to initiate the readers into the realm of radiology and imaging
  • At the end of each section, appendix containing full courses of the spinal nerves,  cranial nerves, autonomic ganglia, clinical terms and tables on arteries have been given
  • Clinic anatomical problems have been given to prepare the readers for their future clinical years
  • Multiple choice questions (MCQs) have been reinforced to test the knowledge and skills acquired
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