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Grays- Anatomy the Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice Ed/ 41

Grays- Anatomy the Anatomical Basis of Clinical Practice Ed/ 41[Edition 41st]

  Aurhto: Susan Standring

   Edition 41st

This 41st edition has been meticulously revised and updated throughout, reflecting the very latest understanding of clinical anatomy from field leaders around the world. The book’s traditional lavish art programme and clear text has been further honed and enhanced, while major advances in imaging techniques and the new insights they bring are fully captured in new state-of-the-art x –ray, CT, MR and ultrasonic imaging.

This edition is richly enhanced with additional electronic content and media, covering all the body regions, cell biology and embryogenesis. This unlocks a whole new level of related information, interactivity and understanding, in keeping with the spirt of innovation that has characterized Gray’s Anatomy since its inception. (Electronic content access instruction can be found on the inside front cover)

  • Each chapter has been edited by experts in their filed, ensuring access to the very latest evidence-based information
  • More than 1000 completely new photographs, including an extensive electronic collection of the latest x-ray, CT, MR and histological images
  • Carefully selected electronic enhancements included with your purchase-additional text, tables, illustrations, labeled imaging and videos-as well as 24 specially invited commentaries on new and emerging topics related to anatomy 

The result is a more completely, practical and engaging resource than ever before, which will prove invaluable to all clinicians who require an accurate, in- deptes knowledge of anatomy

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