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GUYTON & HALL Textbook of MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY Ed/2nd (S.A.E)[Edition 2nd]

Author: Mario Vaz, Anura Kuppad, Tony Raj

Edition 2nd (S.A.E) 2016

Guyton & Hall textbook of Medical Physiology continues this bestselling title tradition as the world’s favorite physiology textbook presenting complex principles in language that is easy to read and understand. The main aim of the second south Asia edition of Guyton & Hall textbook of Medical physiology is to meet the needs of undergraduate medical students and faculty in South Asia by aligning the book to the teaching methods in the subcontinent. The south Asia edition incorporates several features aimed at aiding learning for students while retaining the flow and explanatory approach.


  1. Chapters have been rearranged and often split to work towards one chapter one lecture model so that the text is linked to curriculum objectives which appeals to both students and faculty.
  2. Narrative length has been reduced while ensuring the original flow and explanation of concepts is not affected.
  3. Topics that are likely to be covered by other subjects and redundancies from the point of view of curriculum have been removed.
  4. Learning objectives and Glossary of terms in the beginning of every chapters
  5. Complimentary online access to the book along with:
  • 56 videos and Animations
  • 120 Multiple choice Questions
Rs.1,700.00 Rs.1,895.00
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