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Kumar-Comprehensive Review of P.S.M. and Biostatistics Ed/2012

Kumar-Comprehensive Review of P.S.M. and Biostatistics Ed/2012[Edition 2012]

Author: Manish kumar singh

Edition 2012

Salient features

This book serves the purpose of MBBS graduates’ appearing  in PG entrance exam in near future & also MBBS students 1st to 7th semester. PG students in Community Medicine will also get benefitted by recent trends of questions, new concepts on the subject & quality authentic references.

  • USP of the book-All MCQ’s have been very carefully arranged chapter wise and also within the chapters subtopic wise as they appear in Park, 21st edition to make reading an ultimate pleasure.
  • USP of the book- Book has been written by a subject expert actively involved in teaching UP & PG and comes from the house of Aditya Publications- leading medical book publishers and trend setters in PG medical entrance exams preparation with commitment to give you the ultimate quality books.
  • USP of the book- The book comes with online access, to give you the most updated info on the subject. You can log in via internet and post your queries.
  • UNIQUE to the book-chapter wise notes on topics asked in different PGMEE & important concepts at the beginning of each chapter. Allows quick % comprehensive review of the chapter.
  • UNIQUE to the book Notes on newer concepts/topics, revised recommendations & recent developments (in addition to new inclusions in Park 21st edition) chapter wise.
  • UNIQUE to the book-Annexure summarizing important demographic data & other concepts at end of each chapter
    • [Time saving, extremely useful & makes reading of the chapter complete].
  • UNIQUE to the book elaborate explanation with aid of points/bullets, tables & flow diagram to MCQs asked In AIPGME [2000-2011]. AIIMS [2000-2011]. PGI & Other PG exams [ 2000-2011] with references from 20th & 21th edition Park 1st edition sunderlal, 9th edition J kishore & other standard textbook. Minimum internet references have been given, only after extensive search through textbooks didn’t yield any results.
  • UNIQUE to the book-MCQ asked in different competitive exams before the year 2000, also included with references & answers chatter wise & sub topics wise.
  • UNIQUE to the book-A Quick review section at the end summarizes. Most frequently asked points. It is advised for repeated reading & is a must before exams.
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