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Microbiology Made Simple by Renjit T Issac and Sujith M Issac

Microbiology Made Simple by Renjit T Issac and Sujith M Issac[Edition 2nd]


Microbiology is a subject which needs comparative study to avoid
confusion in details like culture media, microscopic appearances..etc.The best way to avoid confusion & maximize retention is to make notes with all the details in a well classified format.This book is one such ready-made note. We compiled this from our notes, which we found invaluable during our entrance preparation. It saves you a lot of time, which is so very less while you prepare for PGET.

We suggest you read this book atleast twice. This will
help you in quickly brushing up on most of the important & confusing 
topics.You will need to repeatedly go through it to avoid confusion on the exam table.

Other salient features of this book:

  1. Harrison page no. given in brackets
  2. Changes in New Harrison from old edition included (eg: best method of diagnosis of congenital toxoplasmosis in chapter on 'diagnosis')
  3. Extensive back referring done (eg; for acanthamoeba keratitis, -Harrison, Parson, Kansky, Nema, Basak & Khurana referred).
  4. Bold lettered points are all previously asked questions.
  5. Fundas & offshoot are extremely important points.
  6. Controversies settled
  7. Parasitology - 20 years qns included. Each line is  a previously asked qn.
  8. Includes related topics of Medicine (food poisoning, immunology..), Pathology (stains, immunology), SPM (sterilization, vectors..), Ophthal(acanthamoeba keratitis..)
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