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H. Mohan-Textbook of Pathology FREE: Pathology Quick Rev. Ed/8th

H. Mohan-Textbook of Pathology FREE: Pathology Quick Rev. Ed/8th[Edition 8th]

Author: Harsh Mohan

Edition 8th 2018

Key Features

  • Most recent advances in academic and diagnostic pathology of diseases that includes current definitions, newer causes, contemporary mechanisms, up to date international classification (with references) and modern diagnostic approach in a simple lucid easily understandable and reproducible user friendly format.
  • Reorganized text with addition of a new chapter on Molecular cell Biology in Health and Ageing and another chapter carved out in hematology by restructuring this section into four chapters now in conformity with recent who classification scheme.
  • Addition of gross and microscopic photographs (several new and replacement of many previous) of high quality and better resolution contributed generously by prof lvan Damjanov. Many schematic illustrations added and older amended with addition of new information.
  • Must-know pearls summarizing bulleted key points at the end of every topic for a rapid revision of the subject in an ultra short time.
  • Chapter orientation paragraph at the beginning of every chapter, giving an overview of what is going to be learnt in that chapter in a systematic sequence.
  • 35 clinical cases given at the end of most of the chapters and their answers along with explanation in a revised format, forming a bridge between pathology and clinical medicine.
  • Review questions (long answers essay type and short notes type) given at the end of every chapter, to prepare the learner and to  visualise what to write in the examination.
  • Cheers I no overburdening ii with all these additions and insertions, no significant change in the volume of the textbook care having been taken not to overburden the already stressed students.
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