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Neville -Oral and Maxillofiacial Pathology (S.A.E) Ed/2015

Neville -Oral and Maxillofiacial Pathology (S.A.E) Ed/2015[Edition 2015]

Author: Brand W. Neville, Douglas D. Damm, Carl M. Allen, Angela chi

Edition 2015

The go-to text for the care of patients with oral disease

Indentify and effectively manage oral diseases with oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Comprehensive state-of-the –art coverage includes descriptions of each individual lesions or pathologic condition including a discussion of its clinical and/or radiographic presentation histopathologic features and its treatment and prognosis

Outstanding features

  • Over 1,400 radiographs and full-color clinical photos- that’s more than any other reference facilitate the identification and classifications of lesions and disease states
  • Logical organization by body system or disease process make I easy to look up specific conditions
  • New cutting-edge content includes conditions and tumors such as localized juvenile spongiotic gingival hyperplasia, oral lesions associated with cosmetic fillers, HPV-related oropharyngeal carcinoma igG4-related disease, and mammary analogue secretary carcinoma
  • Coverage of oral pathology research topics includes current information on forensic dentistry, methamphetamine, and gene mutations
  • A comprehensive appendix organizes disease according to their clinical features helping you find and formulate differential diagnoses
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