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Pritesh Singh-Surgery Essence E/7-2019

Pritesh Singh-Surgery Essence E/7-2019[Editions 7th]

Author: Pritesh Singh

Edition 7th 2019

Salient Features

  • Synopsis added before questions to build concepts and to save precious time
  • New NBE based pattern (wider coverage, concept development, one liner approach)
  • Image-Based Questions with Answers (According to Recent Examinations) have been added
  • Solved MCQs (PGMEEs 2019-1985), Including All Recent Questions (2019-2013)
  • Thoroughly revised updated and fully colored edition
  • Thoroughly verifed answers from McH aspirants and residents
  • Explanations incorporating only relevant and high yielding Facts
  • Highlighted important and golden facts
  • Explanations from most authentic surgery books
  • Repeated questions grouped together to save your precious time
  • Line diagrams to minimize tedious effors
  • Mnemonics for faster learning
  • Controversial questions have been handled with special care
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