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Setia -Biochemistry Made Simple Ed/2nd

Setia -Biochemistry Made Simple Ed/2nd[Edition 2nd]

This book is an attempt to guide the P.G. entrance aspirants as to "What" as well as "How" and "Why Not" when you are solving biochemistry MCQs. This book includes biochemistry questions from various P.G. medical entrances in last 25 years with special emphasis on the recent most questions. This book is written in such a way that by understanding just one question, students can get the knowledge of solving more than a dozen question MCQs. This is possible because each and every question is followed by the relevant explanations which is equal to solving about >5 MCQs from a particular topic.

The answers are referenced from high profile journals and standard textbooks and the basics as well as the high yield points of the particular topic are given in detail. All journal references are separately quoted at the end of the question. About a dozen complicated topics that are now being increasingly asked these days and are not found in standard textbooks are explained in an extremely simple manner in this book.

This thoroughly updated second edition of ‘Biochemistry made simple’ provides the most complete, current and essential information available literally at a glance. The author and the publisher have worked consciously and specifically to weed off almost all the negative aspects of the first edition, while still maintaining and improving the positive aspects of the first edition. The book can be completed in a short time, yet it is packed with information. Hence maximum benefit can be obtained even by devoting little time to this subject. This book promises the readers at-least 90% success rate in biochemistry questions of all states as well as All India and AIIMS exams.

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