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Tripathi-Essentials of pharmacology for Dentistry- Edition 3rd

Tripathi-Essentials of pharmacology for Dentistry- Edition 3rd[Edition 3rd]

Author: KD Tripathi

Edition 3rd

Essentials of pharmacology for Dentistry provide core and contemporary pharmacological knowledge which specifically meets the needs of dental students and practicing dentists. It covers a broad range of topics from principles of drug action and drug handling by the body to systemic pharmacology, pointing out the implication of various classes of drugs in dentistry: and then to antimicrobials and other drugs used in the treatment of oro-dental condition. The book attempts to enable dentists to rationally selects drugs for common dental condition, it makes dentists aware of oro-dental adverse effects of drug therapy, as well as the possibility of interactions with drugs which the patient may be taking for other medical condition a chapter covers drugs and aids specific for dental care, such as ant plaque drugs antiquaries drugs desensitizing agents, dentifrices, etc

The third edition has been extensively updated a new chapter on management of medical emergencies in dental office has been added, which outlines the first hand treatment of common medical emergencies that may arise during dental procedures. The improved and systematized layout, highlighting of important points numerous figures, charts tables and informative boxes make the book highly user friendly and eminently suited for dental students as well as professionals

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