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Vasudevan-Textbook of Biochemistry for medical students, Ed/8TH

Vasudevan-Textbook of Biochemistry for medical students, Ed/8TH[Edition 8th]

Author: DM Vasudevan

Edition 8th

Salient Features

With this eights edition textbook of biochemistry for medical students is entering the 22nd year of its existence. This book contains an amalgamation of the essentials of basic biochemistry necessary for the undergraduate students. Chapter on clinical chemistry have been extensively updated and clinical relevant points have also been added. A major attraction of this edition is the incorporation of clinical case studies in almost all chapters. This feature will help the students identify the clinical relevance of biochemistry. Further clinical relevant points have been added in most of the chapter this. Rapid progress has been made in the area of molecular biology during the past few years, and these advanced are to be reflected in this book also. Essay-type questions short notes, multiple-choice questions and viva voce- type questions are given at the end of almost every chapter. These questions will be ideal for the students for the last-minute preparation for examination thus there are about 1000 figures 200 tables and 200 boxes altogether making the book more students friendly.

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